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Array BioPharma Announces Library Agreement with Tularik
BOULDER, Colo.—(August 4, 1999)—Array BioPharma Inc. today announced that it has signed an agreement to provide Tularik Inc. with access to small molecule libraries for screening against Tularik’s high throughout screening assays. Under the terms of this agreement, Tularik will gain access to libraries from Array on a nonexclusive basis. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Array is creating a collection of several hundred thousand novel small molecule compounds. Computational techniques, including Array’s proprietary RADICAL™ software, will be used to design sub-libraries that provide superior pharmacological properties and are biased to interact with specific biological mechanistic targets. RADICAL is a computation program that categorizes conserved structural binding motifs from known drugs. Array’s collection of libraries are directed at a number of mechanistic target classes including: G-protein coupled receptors, nuclear receptors, enzymes and protein-protein interactions. Array employs state-of-the-art robotics using novel chemical building blocks in a parallel synthetic format to produce these highly pure, drug-like compounds.

“With this agreement, Tularik continues to expand the pool of compounds available for screening in its battery of high-throughput assays,” said Dr. Andrew Perlman, Tularik’s vice president of medical research and corporate development. “Array’s libraries of diverse drug-like compounds that can readily be optimized will enhance Tularik’s drug discovery programs.” Tularik will use these compounds in its biochemical and cell-based assays to identify small molecule drugs that treat disease by controlling gene expression.

“We are pleased that a company of Tularik’s scientific caliber has chosen to work with Array to build its drug discovery capabilities,” said Dr. David Snitman, Array’s vice president of business development and chief operating officer. “This agreement with Tularik validates the value of our design strategy: the synthesis of small molecule libraries where identified leads can be rapidly optimized to product candidates.”

Array is a privately held discovery research organization (DRO™) providing research services in all aspects of chemistry, high-throughput screening, structural biology and information management. Array complements the experience of its researchers with proprietary drug discovery tools, including unique sets of building blocks called monomer arrays for automated lead explosion, pharmacophore-biased small molecule libraries, high speed synthesis automation, X-ray crystallography and qualifying human drug metabolism assays. For additional information, visit the company’s web site at

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