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Chiroscience and Array BioPharma Enter Compound Library Agreement

Chiroscience Group plc ("Chiroscience"), the emerging pharmaceutical company and Array BioPharma Inc ("Array"), a discovery research organisation based in Boulder, Colorado, USA, announced today that they have signed an agreement to provide Chiroscience with access to small molecule libraries from Array, for screening against Chiroscience’s internal assays.

Array is creating a collection of several hundred thousand novel small molecule compounds. Computational techniques are utilised to design multiple sub-libraries, which are focused on a variety of biological mechanistic targets. Array employs state of the art robotics in a parallel synthetic format to produce these highly pure, drug-like compounds. Array BioPharma incorporates its unique Monomer Array strategy into the production of its libraries. Monomer Array’s are designed using Array’s proprietary RADICALTM software. RADICALTM is a computation programme, which categorises conserved structural binding motifs from known drugs.

Under the terms of this two-year agreement, Chiroscience will gain access to small molecule libraries from Array for lead discovery on a royalty and milestone free non-exclusive basis. Leads obtained from screening these libraries will be optimised by Chiroscience to provide potential drug candidates. Chiroscience will have the option to obtain exclusive rights to particular Compounds in these libraries upon paying an ‘activation’ fee. Financial and other aspects of the agreement are not being disclosed.

Robert Jackson, Ph.D., Executive Director, Research and Development at Chiroscience commented; "Chiroscience is committed to small molecule drug discovery and development, and has made excellent progress in its understanding of a number of novel proprietary biological targets from its gene discovery activities. These new target discoveries in combination with our existing drug discovery programmes, require us to expand our collection of diverse small molecules to give increased opportunities for lead optimisation. This agreement with Array alongside our in-house chemistry and high throughput screening skills puts Chiroscience in a strong position to satisfy this requirement. We have been impressed by Array and its approach to combinatorial chemistry along with its ability to provide diversity-based combinatorial libraries and see this agreement as an important part of our ongoing drug discovery strategy"

"We are pleased that Chiroscience has chosen Array as a means of increasing diversity in its collection of small molecules." said David Snitman, Ph.D., Vice President of Business Development and Chief Operating Officer at Array. "This agreement validates one of Array’s three business areas; licensing small molecule libraries to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. This agreement leverages Array’s strength in the production of highly pure, diverse small molecules with Chiroscience’s strength in creating multiple novel biological screens."

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