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Icos and Array BioPharma announce Drug Discovery Collaboration
BOTHELL, WA--February 9, 1999--ICOS Corporation (NASDAQ:ICOS) and Array BioPharma announced today the signing of a lead optimization agreement addressing up to four undisclosed targets. ICOS has exclusive worldwide rights to develop and market any products resulting from the collaboration. Under the terms of the agreement, Array BioPharma will receive research funding and may also receive certain milestone payments for products developed as a result of the collaboration.

Array’s medicinal chemistry staff, in collaboration with ICOS scientists, will optimize lead chemical structures provided by ICOS utilizing Array’s high-speed parallel synthesis and purification platform. Array BioPharma will incorporate its unique Monomer Array strategy into the program and develop novel chemical processes to accelerate drug development.

"This agreement validates our belief that outsourcing early chemistry projects to create higher value development candidates is a cost effective trend that is becoming prevalent in the pharmaceutical industry," said David Snitman, Ph.D., Vice President of Business Development and Chief Operating Officer at Array.

W. Michael Gallatin, Ph.D., VP and Scientific Director stated. "We are very impressed with Array's combination of cutting edge technologies, experience and pragmatism in lead optimization. Efficient acceleration of the optimization process is a key advantage we see in forming this relationship.”

ICOS is discovering and developing new pharmaceuticals by seeking points of intervention in the inflammatory process that may lead to more specific and efficacious drugs. The Company’s research and drug development programs involve both acute and chronic conditions such as ARDS, acute pancreatitis, ERCP pancreatitis, hemorrhagic shock, ischemic stroke, myocardial infarction, erectile dysfunction, and psoriasis.

Array BioPharma, based in Boulder, Colorado, is a privately held Drug Discovery Company providing research services in all aspects of chemistry, high through-put screening, structural biology and information management. Array complements the experience of its researchers with proprietary drug discovery tools, including unique sets of building blocks called Monomer Arrays for automated lead explosion, pharmacophore-biased small molecule libraries, high speed synthesis automation, X-ray crystallography and qualifying human drug metabolism assays.

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