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ARRAY BIOPHARMA INC filed this Form 10-Q on 05/10/2017
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Our most advanced clinical stage drugs include:

Drug Candidate
Clinical Status
MEK inhibitor for cancer
Pierre Fabre Medicament SAS
Phase 3
BRAF inhibitor for cancer
Pierre Fabre Medicament SAS
Phase 3
MEK inhibitor for cancer
AstraZeneca, PLC
Phase 3
Protease inhibitor for Hepatitis C virus
Roche Holding AG
Phase 3
AKT inhibitor for cancer
Genentech, Inc.
Phase 3
PanTrk inhibitor for cancer
Loxo Oncology, Inc.
Phase 2 / Registration Trial
HER2 inhibitor for breast cancer
Cascadian Therapeutics
Phase 2 / Registration Trial
Kinesin spindle protein, or KSP, inhibitor for multiple myeloma
Phase 2
p38 inhibitor for Lamin A/C-related dilated cardiomyopathy
Phase 2
Pan-HER2 inhibitor for gastric or breast cancer
ASLAN Pharmaceuticals Pte Ltd.
Phase 2
Toll-like receptor for cancer
VentiRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Phase 2
Chk-1 inhibitor for cancer
Eli Lilly and Company
Phase 2
Chk-1 inhibitor for cancer
Genentech, Inc.
Phase 1b
CSF1R inhibitor for cancer
Phase 1

Binimetinib and Encorafenib

In March 2015, Array regained development and commercialization rights to binimetinib, a MEK inhibitor, under the Termination and Asset Transfer Agreement with Novartis Pharma AG and Novartis Pharmaceutical Ltd. and to encorafenib, a BRAF inhibitor, under the Asset Transfer Agreement with Novartis Pharma AG (collectively, the “Novartis Agreements”). Along with global ownership of both assets, Array received an upfront payment of $85 million from Novartis. We believe these programs present significant opportunity to Array in the area of oncology.

We have also entered into a Development and Commercialization Agreement with Pierre Fabre Medicament SAS, (“Pierre Fabre” or "PFM"), which became effective in December 2015 (the "PF Agreement"), pursuant to which we granted Pierre Fabre rights to commercialize binimetinib and encorafenib in all countries except for the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea and Israel, where Array will retain its ownership rights. The PF Agreement satisfied our commitment to secure a development and commercialization partner for the European market for both encorafenib and binimetinib acceptable to European Commission regulatory agencies made in connection with the Novartis Agreements.

All clinical trials involving binimetinib and encorafenib that were active or planned when the Novartis Agreements became effective in March 2015, including the NEMO and COLUMBUS trials and other then active Novartis sponsored and investigator sponsored clinical studies, continue to be reimbursed pursuant to the terms of the Novartis Agreements. Further worldwide development activities of binimetinib and encorafenib will be governed by a Global Development Plan ("GDP") with Pierre Fabre. Pierre Fabre and Array will jointly fund worldwide development costs under the GDP, with Array covering 60% and Pierre Fabre covering 40% of such costs. The initial GDP includes