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ARRAY BIOPHARMA INC filed this Form 10-K on 08/11/2017
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adequately compensate us for the entire amount of covered claims or losses or for the harm to our business reputation. We may be unable to acquire additional or maintain our current insurance policies at acceptable costs or at all.

Due to our reliance on CROs and other third parties to conduct our clinical trials, we are unable to directly control the timing, conduct and expense of our clinical trials.

We rely primarily on third parties to manufacture API and drug product and to conduct our clinical trials. As a result, we have had and will continue to have less control over the conduct of our clinical trials, the timing and completion of the trials, the required reporting of adverse events and the management of data developed through the trial than would be the case if we were relying entirely upon our own staff. Communicating with outside parties can also be challenging, potentially leading to mistakes, as well as difficulties in coordinating activities. Outside parties may have staffing difficulties, may undergo changes in priorities or may become financially distressed, adversely affecting their willingness or ability to conduct our trials. We may experience unexpected cost increases that are beyond our control. Problems with the timeliness or quality of the work of a contract manufacturing or contract research organization may lead us to seek to terminate the relationship and use an alternative service provider. However, making this change may be costly and may delay our trials and contractual restrictions may make such a change difficult or impossible. Additionally, it may be impossible to find a replacement organization that can conduct our trials in an acceptable manner and at an acceptable cost.

Controls we or our third-party service providers have in place to ensure compliance with laws may not be effective to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

The discovery and development of our products, together with our general operations, are subject to extensive regulation in the U.S. by state and federal agencies and in foreign countries. Due to escalating costs and difficulties associated with conducting certain types of clinical trials in the U.S., we conduct certain clinical trials in foreign locations where we have little experience, including countries in Eastern Europe and South America. We expect that we typically will conduct these trials through third-party clinical trial service providers. In addition, we purchase from third-party suppliers and manufacturers that are located outside the U.S., principally countries in Europe, intermediate and bulk API that are used in our development efforts and we contract with third-party service providers to prepare finished drug product, including packaging and labeling. As a result, we and our contractors are subject to regulations in the U.S. and in the foreign countries in which the API is sourced and manufactured relating to the cross-border shipment of pharmaceutical ingredients. Although we have developed and instituted controls, we cannot assure you that we, our employees, our consultants or our contractors will operate at all times in full compliance with all potentially applicable U.S. federal and state regulations and/or laws or all potentially applicable foreign regulations and/or laws. Further, we have a limited ability to monitor and control the activities of third-party service providers, suppliers and manufacturers to ensure compliance by such parties with all applicable regulations and/or laws. We may be subject to direct liabilities or be required to indemnify such parties against certain liabilities arising out of any failure by them to comply with such regulations and/or laws. If we or our employees, consultants or contractors fail to comply with any of these regulations and/or laws a range of consequences could result, including, but not limited to, the suspension or termination of clinical trials, failure to obtain approval of a product candidate, restrictions on our products or manufacturing processes, withdrawal of our products from the market, significant fines, exclusion from government healthcare programs or other sanctions or litigation.

If our use of chemical and hazardous materials violates applicable laws or regulations or causes personal injury we may be liable for damages.

Our drug discovery activities, including the analysis and synthesis of chemical compounds, involve the controlled use of chemicals, including flammable, combustible, toxic and radioactive materials that are potentially hazardous. Our use, storage, handling and disposal of these materials is subject to federal, state and local laws and regulations, including the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, the Occupational Safety and Health Act and local fire codes and regulations promulgated by the Department of Transportation, the DEA, the Department of Energy, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Colorado Department of Human Services, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division. We may incur significant costs to comply with these laws and regulations in the future. In addition, we cannot completely eliminate the risk of accidental contamination or injury from these materials, which could result in material unanticipated expenses, such as substantial fines or penalties, remediation costs or damages, or the loss of a permit or other authorization to operate or engage in our business. Those expenses could exceed our net worth and limit our ability to raise additional capital.