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ARRAY BIOPHARMA INC filed this Form 10-K on 08/11/2017
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If there are deliverables in an arrangement that are not separable from other aspects of the contractual relationship, they are treated as a combined unit of accounting, with the allocated revenue for the combined unit recognized in a manner consistent with the revenue recognition applicable to the final deliverable in the combined unit. Payments received prior to satisfying the relevant revenue recognition criteria are recorded as deferred revenue in the accompanying balance sheets and recognized as revenue when the related revenue recognition criteria are met.

We typically receive non-refundable, up-front payments when licensing our intellectual property, which often occurs in conjunction with a research and development agreement. When management believes that the license to our intellectual property has stand-alone value, we generally recognize revenue attributed to the license upon delivery provided that there are no future performance requirements for use of the license. When management believes that the license to our intellectual property does not have stand-alone value, we typically recognize revenue attributed to the license on a straight-line basis over the contractual or estimated performance period. When the performance period is not specifically identifiable from the agreement, we estimate the performance period based upon provisions contained within the agreement, such as the duration of the research or development term.

Most of our agreements provide for non-refundable milestone payments. We recognize revenue that is contingent upon the achievement of a substantive milestone in its entirety in the period in which the milestone is achieved. A milestone is considered substantive when the consideration payable to us for such milestone (i) is consistent with our performance necessary to achieve the milestone or the increase in value to the collaboration resulting from our performance, (ii) relates solely to our past performance and (iii) is reasonable relative to all of the other deliverables and payments within the arrangement. In making this assessment, we consider all facts and circumstances relevant to the arrangement, including factors such as the scientific, regulatory, commercial and other risks that must be overcome to achieve the milestone, the level of effort and investment required to achieve the milestone and whether any portion of the milestone consideration is related to future performance or deliverables.

For payments payable on achievement of milestones that do not meet all of the conditions to be considered substantive, we recognize a portion of the payment as revenue when the specific milestone is achieved, and the contingency is removed, based on the applicable percentage earned of the estimated research or development effort, or other performance obligations that have elapsed, to the total estimated research and/or development effort attributable to the milestone. In other cases, when a non-substantive milestone payment is attributed to our future research or development obligations, we recognize the revenue on a straight-line basis, or other appropriate method, over the estimated remaining research or development effort. Other contingent event-based payments for which payment is either contingent solely upon the passage of time or the result of our partner's or collaborator's performance are recognized when earned.

We periodically review the estimated performance periods under each of our agreements that provide for non-refundable up-front payments, license fees or milestone payments. We adjust the periods over which revenue should be recognized when appropriate to reflect changes in assumptions relating to the estimated performance periods. We could accelerate revenue recognition in the event of early termination of programs or if our expectations change. Alternatively, we could decelerate revenue recognition if programs are extended or delayed. While such changes to our estimates have no impact on our reported cash flows, the amount of revenue recorded in future periods could be materially impacted.

We record as revenue amounts received as reimbursement of costs we incur from our license partners where we act as a principal, control the research and development activities, bear credit risk and may perform part of the services required in the transactions, consistent with Accounting Standards Codification ("ASC") 605-45-15. Novartis currently provides financial support to Array in the form of reimbursement for all associated out-of-pocket costs and for one-half or more of our fully-burdened full-time equivalent ("FTE") costs based on an agreed-upon FTE rate for all clinical trials involving binimetinib and encorafenib that were active at the time the Novartis Agreements became effective. The gross amount of these pass-through reimbursed costs are reported as revenue in the accompanying statements of operations and comprehensive income (loss) in accordance with ASC 605-45-15. The actual expenses for which we are reimbursed are reflected as research and development for proprietary programs or cost of partnered programs, as applicable.

See Note 5 – Collaboration and Other Agreements to the accompanying audited financial statements included elsewhere in this Annual Report on Form 10-K for further information.